Consultation and Planning

Our extensive experience allows us to work with clients in the early stages of planning or budgeting. Whether assessing the needs of existing or potential sites, mapping out potential ways to interpret communication and donor recognition fundraising, developing a range of sign type and materials options, or creating schematics and prototype examples for senior management or committee review, we bring clarity to the possibilities within real and viable parameters.


In addition to working with our customer’s design or architectural teams, we offer design services from research and conceptual schematics through to final design intent drawings. This depends on the nature of the project and the requirements. In order to achieve effective design solutions, we work closely with our customers to fully understand their needs and objectives in order to build a solid basis for the design.

We strive to create donor and signage solutions that are sympathetic to the building’s architecture or built environment, ensuring user friendly and aesthetically pleasing results, while coherently communicating the intended level and type of messaging to a wide variety of audiences and user needs.

The design process generally includes the following phases:

Research & Schematic Design

Project definition
Communication needs analysis
Challenges and opportunities
Physical scale and environmental conditions
Visual identity guideline considerations
Design criteria
Schematic design exploration
Design concepts presentation

Design Intent Drawings

Development of selected concept
Further design detailing for type styles, color, size, and materials
Readability standards, maintenance and program updating considerations
Design intent drawings and specifications
Final design intent drawings and documentation
Presentation and client approvals

Fabrication Drawings

Fabrication drawings are comprehensive drawings and specifications that further resolve details of the design intent document in order to insure proper fabrication including product and sign types, materials and finishes, message schedules, location plans, quantities, etc. Client sign-off of these drawings is required before fabrication takes place.


Fabrication services are as varied as are the types of signage available. Product, material, and colour samples are often provided, ensuring client satisfaction prior to mass production.

Material components typically include acrylic, glass, woods, stainless steel, and aluminum. Finishes used will often be anodic, painted and natural materials. Logos, logotypes and word recognition can be applied in various ways, including etched, silk-screened, vinyl laser and digital print applications.


Cell cast acrylic is a lightweight, flexible and impact resistant substitute for glass. It has better optical quality and better physical properties than extruded acrylic.


Where adhesive mounting techniques are specified, we use adhesives specifically designed for compatibility with the base material and the desired adhesives strength including 3M laminating adhesives, 3M foam tape and Scotchmount and clear silicone sealant.


We use the best commercial quality, straight and true with no scratches, scars or buckles. Laser CNC/Waterjet cut aluminum letters are of solid aluminum sheeting.  Letterforms are rigid, self- supporting and structurally sound. All exposed welds are filed smooth with all tool marks removed by fine abrasive grain, air blasting or other approved methods. Protective lacquer coating is used on non-anodized surfaces.


Typically we use concealed fasteners of adequate length thickness and strength to secure sign materials. Provide nonferrous metal stainless steel/aluminum fasteners that are not corrosive to sign material and mounting surfaces.


The glass we incorporate in our designs and fabrication is always tempered. We incorporate various levels of glass from clear to laminate to decorative.

Stainless Steel

We use the best commercial quality, straight and true with no scratches, scars or buckles.


Sherrington Douglas offers full installation services including union work if required. We accept installation contracts only to assist our client’s needs. We are fully WSIB compliant.

Recognition & Architectural Signage Solutions