Niagara Health System & St. Catharines General Hospital Foundations

The mandate of the display at the new healthcare complex in St. Catharines, Ontario was to be the premier site of recognition for benefactors to the advancement of healthcare needs for the entire Niagara Region.  Recognition was divided into 10 categories which included 490 existing names.  The wall was designed to accommodate expansion to a total of 1,175 listings so as to meet a 10 plus year growth plan.

The wall allocated was approximately 15 sq ft, located between the Foundation office and the main elevator corridor entering the Walker Cancer Centre.

The design was to include a flexibility to add names at minimal cost to all sections of the donor wall and at the same time remain secure from vandalism. A digital touch screen component that would offer specific information of the Foundation, it’s goals and it’s donors was also mandatory.


With a variety of facilities and donors (both old and new), NHSF required an elegant and functional donor recognition solution that would work well in the architectural space and provide an on-going connection with the community.

The corner area where the available wall space and Recognition Office was located was unencumbered by the general traffic of the hospital. This delineated area for the foundation was a rare and unique opportunity to create a special place, a niche, within a larger space. With the approval of the Foundation we expanded our design to encompass a second wall. On this wall we isolated the recognition of the elite donors providing enhanced dignity to their gifts. With this approved expansion of space along with the owners’ addition of a piano in the area as visual counterpoint to the recognition display; and the use of colour and graphics, the transformation of this foyer into a “must see destination” was made complete.

Our solution consists of the following components:

  • Two permanent Radiant Recognition Display Systems internally illuminated by an energy efficient LED light source  ­– a vertical wall mounted display honouring donors of $500,000 to $5,000,00+, and a horizontal wall mounted display honouring donors from $5,000 to $499,999.
  • A custom fabricated aluminum ‘bridge’ set in front of the elevator corridor that connects the two displays within the space
  • A dynamic touch screen was loaded with content provided by the Foundation. Once programed into our software the clearly defined menus provide the Foundation a vehicle to recognize their donors and tell the story of the Foundation and its objectives.
  • To further enhance the ambiance of the ‘space’ we provided a window graphic of the “It’s Our Time” campaign, a daisy applied to the Foundation office window; along with the NHSF logo prominently featured on the Foundation’s door
  • A hanging banner with the tag line “It’s Our Time”

Clean elegant lines and meticulous detailing made a perfect fit within the facilities environment. The display easily accommodates the continuous flow of changes as new donor names are added or existing names are upgraded to new categories, the static wall allows the owner simple changeability and updating. Individually engraved strips for each donor listing allows for change one at-a-time, while the interlocking edges insure no light leaks between the strips. A simple customer oriented service program exists to assist owners with maintenance and on-going changes. The interactive digital touch screen display allows for an enriched, storytelling experience in various digital forms.


Our solution was a perfect balance of design and material choice for meeting the architectural environment of this newly constructed facility

The touch screen display provides the opportunity to capture the visitors’ and donors’ attention, appealing to their curiosity enough so as to stop and interact. It provides a coherent form for communicating the intended messaging as an identifiable aspect of the facilities branding and funding programs, goals and endeavors. It also provides motivation to participate in the donor program.

The electronic recognition program met the owner’s criteria, allowing for centralized and remote content management capability; ease of use that’s intuitive, flexible and simple to manage; donor category grouping and recognition; and recognition of past and current donors.


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